On the 100th anniversary of the beginning of WWI

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On July 28, 1918, President Woodrow Wilson gave the following message to the American people. It was read in churches throughout the country and published in virtually all major newspapers. The Serbian flag was raised over the White House and all public buildings in the nation’s capital. The message read:

To the People of the United States:

On Sunday, 28th of this present month, will occur the fourth anniversary of the day when the gallant people of Serbia, rather than submit to the studied and ignoble exactions of a prearranged foe, were called upon by the war declaration of Austria-Hungary to defend their territory and their homes against an enemy bent on their destruction. Nobly did they respond. So valiantly and courageously did they oppose the forces of a country ten times greater in population and resources that it was only after they had thrice driven the Austrians back and Germany and Bulgaria had come to the aid of Austria that they were compelled to retreat into Albania. While their territory has been devastated and their homes despoiled, the spirit of the Serbian people has not been broken. Though overwhelmed by superior forces, their love of freedom remains unabated. Brutal force has left unaffected their firm determination to sacrifice everything for liberty and independence.

It is fitting that the people of the United States, dedicated to the self-evident truth that is the right of the people of all nations, small as well as great, to live their own lives and choose their own Government, and remembering that the principles for which Serbia has so nobly fought and suffered are those for which the United States is fighting, should on the occasion of this anniversary manifest in an appropriate manner their war sympathy with this oppressed people who have so heroically resisted the aims of the Germanic nations to master the world. At the same time, we should not forget the kindred people of the Great Slavic race–the Poles, the Czechs and Jugo-Slavs, who, now dominated and oppressed by alien races yearn for independence and national unity.

This can be done in a manner no more appropriate than in our churches.

I, therefore, appeal to the people of the United States of all faiths and creeds to assemble in their several places of worship on Sunday July 28, for the purpose of giving expression to their sympathy with this subjugated people and their oppressed and dominated kindred on other lands, and to invoke the blessings of Almighty God upon them and upon the cause to which they are pledged.

Woodrow Wilson, President
The White House, July 1918


And a comment from this day and age…>>>

Видовдан у Новој Грачаници

У Манастиру Нова Грачаница прослављен је Видовдан, дан Светог Кнеза Лазара, свих Косовских Мученика и свих српских мученика пострадалих за Православну веру, од Косова до данашњег дана. Храм је био пун народа на светој литургији. Служио је Епископ Лонгин заједно са 14 свештеника и 3 ђакона. Посебан гост на литургији је био Г. Војислав Михаиловић, унук Генерала Драже Михаиловића.

Ђакон Александар Петровић је на литургији рукоположен у чин свештеника.

Diocesan Days and Annual Diocesan Assembly conclude at New Gracanica

From June 12th to June 15th Diocesan Days and Annual Diocesan Assembly were held at the New Gracanica Monastery. Guest speaker at the assembly was Fr Michael Oyer from Santa Rosa, CA. During the assembly, oratorical festival was held where two of our youth presented their essays on the topic “The greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph”. Congratulations to Jovana and Natalia who are going to represent us at the national oratorical contest in California this August. Also at this year’s assembly the first-ever meeting of youth delegates was held and a youth board elected. In the future we are hoping that every parish will be able to send at least one delegate so that the voice of our youth can be heard clearly at this most important body of our church life.

Diocesan days were also enriched by an exhibit of old books and icons which was made possible through a donation of a philanthropist from our area.


Обраћање Епископа Лонгина Епархијској скупштини…>>>

Address of Bishop Longin to the Diocesan Assembly…>>>

Резолуција Епархијске скупштине…>>>

Resolution of the Diocesan assembly…>>>


Lecture of Fr Michael Oyer:

Pre-wedding seminar at St George church in East Chicago

Last weekend my fiancée and I with five other couples attended the first held pre-wedding seminar at the church. Father Aleksandar Savic hosted the event with special guests and presenters Dr. Milena Tatic-Bajich and Father Ilija Balach.
To begin with, the first presentation by Dr. Milena Tatic-Bajich was a careful yet promising presentation on the ups and downs of marriages. While each married relationship is unique, Dr. Tatic-Bajich focused on the seven habits of healthy positive relationships or as I perceived it as the foundations of a positive relationship. What was great about Dr. Tatic-Bajich’s presentation was that it was not only well organized, but a presentation from the heart and a person who knows and understands marriages not only as a wife and mother, but also a therapist. For example, she related to us about her marriage and some funny stories about her husband. She also shared many common issues that arise amongst couples who have struggled and unfortunately many of them that end in divorce. There was a lot of information, while also allowing for reflection in the packets she gave to all.
After Dr. Tatic-Bajich’s presentation and discussion, Father Ilija Balach spoke about marriage reinforcing points that Dr. Tatic-Bajich discussed, but also adding the Orthodox viewpoint of marriage. It was very interesting to hear Father Ilija talk about the meaning of love and how it is overused and misused today. One of the best and light hearted moments was when Father Ilija asked the group, “What do you do?” Unfortunately, no one could answer the appropriate answer Father Ilija was looking for, which is love your spouse. Another interesting point Father Ilija made was in marriage we put so much preparation into the wedding day, but not a lot of preparation for after that day and the rest of our lives. That caused for a moment of reflection. Another great question posed to the group was why are you getting married? In this case, he referred to the Orthodox path to salvation, which is marriage man and woman becoming one, or through monasticism; married to the Lord. Finally, one of the things my fiancée loved was his reinforcement of the importance of sacrifice throughout marriage.
Once the two major presentations were concluded there was time for a lunch together with some of the Board members who also stressed the importance of being an active member in your church and community. The Pre-Wedding Seminar was concluded with a visit in the church followed by a detailed explanation of the wedding ceremony given by Father Aleksandar and Father Ilija.
Overall, I think I can speak for the group that this was a wonderful experience. The topics discussed during the seminar are ones every couple can benefit even after marriage.

Ilija Sisarica

Апел за помоћ поплављеним српским земљама

Епархија Новограчаничка – Средњезападно Америчка се придружује апелу за помоћ, упућеног од стране Патријарха Српског Иринеја, за подручја Србије и Републике Српске која тренутно страдају од незапамћених поплава. Отворити документа овде…>>>E.br. 0253-14

Апел Светог Архијерејског Сабора Српске Православне Цркве…>>>

Today’s Serbs in Croatia

Around 30,000 Serbs on Croatian territory were converted to Catholicism, since the end of the war until today, said Milojko Budimir from the Association of Refugee Associations of Serbs from Croatia, reported Blic.

According to him, about 30,000 Orthodox Serbs in Croatia were converted to Catholicism since the operation “Storm” in 1995 until today, and the fact that a large number of those who marked Orthodox Easter no longer declare themselves as Serbs, but as Croats of Orthodox religion, is especially troubling. “It is of special concern that during the last census, of 200,000 people, 40,000 declared themselves as Serbs of the Orthodox religion, and 160,000 only that they are of the Orthodox religion. This means that after so-called Croatian Orthodox community was established, the goal was to present Serbs in Croatian Orthodox religion,” warns Budimir and adds that he believes that Croatian Orthodox community was established precisely to once again divide remaining Serbs in Croatia. Director of Documentation and Information Center “Veritas”, Savo Strbac, believes that Budimir does not exaggerate the estimates which are probably based on the data from Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC), the daily writes. “Older Serbs in large urban areas, such as Zagreb, Rijeka, Zadar, convert to Croatians, while mostly children and the elderly who live in the villages are converted to Catholicism. A priest from Zagreb, who returned after “Storm” told me that for a long time his only job was to issue Serbian children of Orthodox religion certificates that they have been baptised in the Orthodox Church. With the certificate and the consent of one parent, they could only go through the ritual in the Catholic and the ritual of the sacred chrism and convert to Catholicism without re-baptism,” said Strbac. The main reason for this, Strbac told Blic, is that people did not want their children to experience trauma at school, where they were bullied by other children because they are Serbs. “The hardest thing are children’s tears. This is why I do not blame those Serbs that have renounced their religion and nation. They did not do this under any legal compulsion, they did it so that their children would not experience trauma,” said Strbac.


Манастир и манастирска сала


Манасир Нова Грачаница, као што је већини наших Срба познато, један је од највећих духовних центара Српске православне цркве у Северној и Јужној Америци. Манастир је и седиште Епископа новограчаничко-средњезападноамеричког и веома успешно врши своју мисију међу Србима, али и другим православним члановима наше Свете Цркве.

Редовна богослужења одржавају се сваког дана у 7:00 ујутру и у 5:00 после подне. Сваке суботе као и великих празника се служи Литургија у 9:00, а недељом у 10:00 часова. Недељом после Свете Литургије сви који желе остају на заједничком ручку. То је дивна прилика да се верни друже уз увек богато спремљен ручак са разним српским специјалитетима.

Поред недељних ручкова, манастирска кухиња нуди услуге за венчања, крштења, сахране и парастосе. Сав приход од кухиње иде манастиру и значајно помаже за одржавање ове наше светиње. Због тога и сви ви, који користите услуге нашег лепог манастира, чините значајну ствар у погледу издржавања истог. Због тога смо свима благодарни!

Братсво манастира Нова Грачаница