Missionary Letters 3 published

The third and last part of the Missionary Letters of Saint Nikolaj Velimirovic has been published by the New Gracanica Monastery, under the auspices of the Joe Buley Memorial Library.

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Excerpt from Letter 217 – To a wealthy lady about an unemployed worker

“Do we not say “Our Father” every day, asking for“Our daily bread”? But some of us receive that bread and then instantly call it“my bread”! Is this Christianity? Did Christ suffer on the Cross for us to become so deceptive now? By no means. He meant it and He said it – as much as the Heavenly Father is the father of us all, so is His bread also the bread of us all. Hence, when a hungry man begs for bread, he is only demanding what is his Christian right. And when a rich man gives, he gives according to Christian duty. Helping the poor is just as strict of a commandment as “Thou shalt not kill”. Besides, experience also teaches us that it is better to give to the hungry when he begs for what is rightly his, than to wait for him to start taking what is rightly his. An unfulfilled duty on one side causes deprivation of rights on the other.
So, think about the words of the Lord, “Our Father” and “our bread”. Once you fully understand the depth and the force of these words, you will easily save your soul and the life of your “hard–working, honest and reliable” but hungry neighbor.”