OCCA appeal to support Sretensky Choir Member

We are forwarding this follow-up note from Ksenia Papkov concerning the efforts to save the life of Petr Gudkov, a soloist of the famed Sretensky Choir, and the father of two children. The Orthodox Christian faithful of the Chicago area were very supportive in the fund-drive last November, and more help is needed.
A Benefit Concert has been hastily organized, as you see in the flier below. Would you please be so kind as to post this flier and announce the concert, which takes place at 4:00 this Sunday afternoon at Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral, 5701 N. Redwood Drive in Chicago? Your support of the concert and outright donations would be helpful and greatly appreciated!
Fr. Dean Botsis

Fr. Dean – Blagoslovite!
Thank you for your assistance in sending out this flier to the Orthodox Clergy Association members and contact list.
This is an update that we have put on FaceBook regarding his battle with cancer and how he is doing (this came out after we printed the concert flier).
Thanks to the generosity of so many people worldwide, we were able to raise enough funds (approximately $93,000!) to cover the first stage on the road to Petr’s full recovery. He has undergone a total of five chemotherapy treatments, the results of which have been extremely positive.
The next step is the bone marrow transplant. The doctors have identified three potential donors, two of whom are a perfect match. They are now in the process of being medically cleared, and all the chances are that one of them will be able to donate bone marrow to Petr in early March. Furthermore, once the chemotherapy was paid for, we have $132,000 in hand towards the cost of the transplant as of today. All of this is amazing news, and we certainly could not have accomplished this much without generous financial support, and more importantly, prayers.But Petr still needs your help. This week, he received the “financial package” from Loyola Hospital in Chicago, and in addition to the $132,000 we have already raised, the hospital is asking for $160,000 for the completion of the transplant and post-operative care for three months (recovery from a bone marrow transplant is complicated and requires intensive follow-up in the immediate months following).Together, we have accomplished so much in such a short period of time – it’s hard to believe we only began the campaign to save Petr’s life in November 2012. In these three short months, we have moved mountains. The final stretch is in front of us – with God’s help, Petr has responded to treatment extremely well, and the doctors are confident that the transplant will allow him to live a long, full life, dedicated to the service of the Church. Please donate to this worthy cause, and continue to pray for Petr’s health. He thanks you, from the bottom of his heart.

If people wish to donate, and are not able to attend the concert – they may do so at racssf.org
Many thanks,