Clergy confession and retreat at the New Gracanica Monastery

On Thursday before great and holy week begins, the clergy of the Midwest Diocese (called upon by the bishop) had a retreat at the New Gracanica Monastery.
The day started with Matins followed by snacks and fellowship.
Bishop Longin opened up a discussion on several pastoral topics and concluded with the following: after everything we are called to do, the most important is to pray – mention the people of God at the table of oblation preparation/proskomedia.
Realizing that not all the priests are gifted with all gifts, he asked and encouraged all the clergy to make every effort to be active in their communities, and be patient with the faithful who are truly struggling in this world at this age and stage. At the same time he assured the clergy that all of the priests are his responsibility (in his care) and he will make every effort to be there for each and every one of them. After lunch and the conclusion of discussion Akathist ( a prayer) to St. John of Krondstat was served in the monastery. Glory to God for all things – let us all pray for our clergy – it is never easy trying to be “all things to all people.”