Dormition – Uspenije – Velika Gospojina 2016

У недељу, 28 августа, у Манастиру Нова Грачаница је прослављено Успеније Пресевете Богородице – Слава Епархијског Кола Српских Сестара. Након Свете Литургије коју је Епископ новограчанички-средњезападноамерички Лонгин служио уз шест свештеника и два ђакона уследио је банкет у великој сали. На банкету је било око 300 људи, укључујући чланице кола свих парохија ширег чикашког базена.

На банкету су многи, почевши од кумова Славе, омладинаца и кампера Николаса Вукотића и Еме Маноловић истакли важност летњег кампа и његов успех ове године, као и прошлих година. Захваљујући раду Кола Српских Сестара летњи камп се одржава већ више од 70 година и формира Хришћанску и Српску свест младих генерација.

On Sunday, August 28, Dormition of the Mother of God was celebrated at the New Gracanica Monastery, as the Slava of the Diocesan Kolo of Serbian Sisters. After Divine Liturgy which was served by Bishop Longin of New Gracanica – Midwestern America, accompanied by six priests and two deacons, a banquet was held at the big hall. The banquet was attended by about 300 people, including members of the kolos of all the parishes in the greater Chicago area.

At the banquet, several people, starting with the Slava kumovi, campers Nicholas Vukotic and Emma Manolovich, pointed out the importance of the summer camp and its success this year, as well as previous years. Thanks to the work of the kolo sisters the summer camp has been held for over 70 years and it continues to form the Christian and Serbian identity of the young generations.



In giving birth thou didst preserve thy virginity, and in thy falling asleep thou hast not forsaken the world, O Theotokos. Thou hast been, translated to life, as thou art the Mother of Life. And by thy supplications thou dost deliver our souls from death.


The tomb and mortality could not hold the Theotokos, who is untiring in her supplications and our certain hope in her intercessions. For, as the Mother of Life, she hath passed over to the Life Who dwelt within her ever-virgin womb.