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Освећење крста у Нешвилу / The Blessing of the Cross in Nashville

У недељу сиропусну 26. фебруара на празник Светог Симеона Мироточивог по благослову Његовог Преосвештенства Епископа Новограчаничко Средњезападноамеричког Г. Лонгина свештеник Александар Вујковић уз присуство парохијана осветио је крст који ће бити постављен на новосаграђену куполу храма који је у фази реновирања и изградње. Овом приликом свештеник Александар се обратио верницима и истакао важност овог дана за нашу парохију јер обанвљајући овај храм ми обнављамо себе. Такође нагласио је да нам је Гопод подарио велики благослов да можемо градити цркву Божију и овај крст који данас освећујемо треба увек да нас подсећа на велику љубав Божију према нама, на Христово страдање и победу живота над смрћу. Радови на обнови храма Свете Петке су почели у новембру прошле године и обухватају комплетну обнову храма почевши од рушења спољних зидова и изгадње истих, рушења плафона и ојачавања кровне конструкције, изградње куполе, комплетних електричних инсталација, подних облога, како и осталих унутрашњих и спољашњих радова. Такође у току је израда и новог иконостаса у дуборезу а у плану је да се постојећа припрата поруши и сагради нова припрата са звоником.


On Cheese-Fare Sunday, February 26, on the holy day of St. Simeon Mirotocivi, and with the blessing of His Grace Bishop of New Grancancia and Midwest Diocese +Longin, parish priest Fr. Aleksandar Vujkovic blessed the cross which will be placed atop the newly constructed cupola of the church sanctuary. The liturgy with blessing of the cross was attended by the parishioners of St. Petka Nashville. Fr. Aleksandar reminded the parishioners that we’re also “remaking” ourselves in the process. Fr. Aleksandar commented that with God’s blessings we’re able to rebuild our new church and that the cross which we are blessing should always remind us of God’s love toward us and of Christ’s suffering and victory of life over death. The work on the church began in November 2016, beginning with the demolition of the outer walls, their replacement, and installation of new windows. The work also includes the removal of the sanctuary ceiling and its strengthening, the construction of the cupola, the complete installation of a new electrical system, the sanding and refinishing of the hardwood floor, as well as additional internal and external activities. Our new Iconostas is in the process of being carved out, and the plan also includes the addition of a front portal with belfry.



Saint Sava Monastery Launches Website

As part of the preparations of the Diocese of New Gracanica and Midwestern America for the upcoming celebration of Saint Mardarije of Libertyville this July 14 – 16, 2017, the Diocese is pleased to announce that a new, official website ( for Saint Sava Monastery in Libertyville has been launched today.

The monastery which was founded and built by Saint Mardarije and houses his holy relics will be the main venue of the upcoming celebration.

“We are very pleased that Saint Sava Monastery, as an endowment of Saint Mardarije to our faithful on this continent, as a place where Saint Nikolai of Zhica prayed and celebrated the Divine services, as a place of pilgrimage and prayer for many Orthodox Christians, and as a place which is in the hearts of many of our parishioners and youth, now has a permanent presence on the Internet where more people will be able to learn about its history, our rich Orthodox Tradition, and the upcoming celebration of Saint Mardarije,” said His Grace Bishop Longin.

Information about the upcoming celebration will be posted to the monastery website in the coming weeks as plans are finalized.

Прослава Светог Саве – програм фолклорне групе Грачаница

У суботу, 28 јануара, фолклорна група Грачаница је обиљежила дан Светог Саве својим редовним годишњим програмом. Након вечерње службе у манастирском храму, славски колач је пресечен у великој сали од стране умировљеног Епископа Саве (Славонског) у присуству све деце, родитеља и гостију.  Уследио је врло богат културни програм са рецитацијама песама, певањем песама, наступањем “оркестра Грачаница” и, наравно, извођењем народних кола.  Захваљујемо свима који су допринели организацији овако дивног програма.



source:  PaTRAM Institute, Tiburon, California – December 26, 2016


Talented conductors expect simple and concrete things from a master class: lots of quality podium time and meaningful feedback. In a uniquely designed format, the Advanced Conducting Master Class – to be held from June 21st through June 25th, 2017offers just that with a professional chamber choir serving as the students’ practice instrument under the guidance of a dedicated teacher and mentor.

“We are thrilled to present this unique experiential program in Chicago. Dr. Peter Jermihov is counted among the finest Orthodox choir conductors in the world. Those attending his PaTRAM master class will be immersed, inspired and mentored in the fine art of choral conducting by an infinitely gifted maestro,” says Alexis V. Lukianov, Founder and Chairman of the PaTRAM Institute.

Maestro Jermihov is a student of the legendary Russian teacher—Il’ya Musin and continues the precepts of the Russian School of Conducting in his own conducting and teaching. He has guest-conducted such internationally acclaimed choirs and orchestras, as Cappella Romana, Gloriae Dei Cantores, Moscow & St. Petersburg State Academic Chamber Choirs, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Russian State Academic Symphony Orchestra, Shinsei Nihon Symphony Orchestra, and many others. He appears regularly as a guest-conductor, clinician, and master teacher in universities across America and is the Founder and Artistic Director of the St. Romanos Cappella with which he concertizes and records newly composed works for Orthodox worship and historical masterpieces from the Christian East and West. Maestro Jermihov has served as an Orthodox chanter and choir director in multiple jurisdictions since age 14.

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President of Srpska Presents Awards to Bishop Longin


During the course of the meeting, President Dodik presented Bishop Longin with Orden Njegosa – First Order which the Government of Republika Srpska has awarded to Saint Sava Academy at the Cathedral, as well as Saint Sava Orthodox School in Milwaukee, in recognition for their educational mission promoting Serbian language studies in Chicago and Milwaukee, and for fostering close relations between their respective communities and the Republic of Srpska.

Bishop Longin Congratulated President Dodik and expressed his hope that the Republic of Srpska will continue to develop in peace and prosperity for the benefit of all its citizens. The Bishop also thanked President Dodik for the awards presented to Saint Sava Academy and Saint Sava Orthodox School noting that we are very proud of this recognition and accept it with honor and gratefulness. His Grace also invited Mr. President to visit our community in CHICAGO in the nearest future.

Earlier in the week, on January 9th, Saint Sava Academy Board President Nenad Djordjevic attended the official celebration of the Day of the Republic in Banja Luka and expressed his appreciation to Republika Srpska officials for their support of the Academy’s work.


Мироточива икона с Хаваја у нашој епархији / Myrrh-streaming icon from Hawaii in our diocese

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The Wonderworking Hawaiian Iveron Icon of the Mother of God

On Tuesday, December 27th, the Myrrh-streaming Iveron Icon of the Mother of God will be at the Saint Sava Monastery in Libertyville, 32377 N Milwaukee Ave. , Libertyville IL 60048, from 6:00pm to 7:30pm

On Thursday, December 29th, the Myrrh-streaming icon will be at the New Gracanica Monastery, 35240 W Grant Ave., Third Lake IL, 60046, from 9:30am to 12:00pm

У уторак, 27ог децембра, Мироточива икона Пресевете Богородице ће бити у Манастиру Светог Саве у Либертивилу од 18:00 до 19:30.

У четвртак, 29ог децембра, Мироточива икона ће бити у Манастиру Нова Грачаница од 9:30 до 12:00 сати.